Feature, 90 min, Iraqi Kurdistan/France/Germany
Director: Hiner Saleem
Production: mîtosfilm in Coproduction with HS Film Production, Paris
Cast: Nazmî Kirik, Belçim Bilgin, Omer Chawshin, Rojîn Ulker, Tarik Akreyî, Ciwan Haco, Abdullah Keskîn, Sipel Erdogan
Festivals & Awards (Selection): 57th Berlin International Film Festival 2007, Forum / Montreal Human Rights Film Festival 2008, in competition for the Audience Award / 21st Singapore International Film Festival, In competition for the Silver Screen Award National Geographic / All Roads Film Festival 2007 (Washington DC / L.A ./ SANTA FE)


It is the year of 2005 in the small Turkish-Kurdish village Balliova at the border of Iran and Iraq. The area, shattered by boundary disputes, is controlled by the Turkish military. After frequent armed hostilities with Kurdish guerrilla fighters, the Turkish military is now repressing the villagers. Despite the difficult circumstances in the village Azad and his Fiancée Nazenin want to marry. During the wedding ceremony a fight with the Turkish military takes place. Azad shoots at the Turkish commandant and escapes from the village Balliova, leaving his fiancé behind. He reaches the Autonomous Region of Iraqi-Kurdistan by hiding in the back of a truck. Here his path crosses other destinies from the different regions of the divided Kurdistan. Azad decides to bring Nazenin from their home village to the mountains, but he is ambushed by the Turkish army.