Feature Film, 100 min, Norway / Germany / Kurdistan
Director: Hisham Zaman
Production: Paradox in Coproduction with mîtosfilm
Cast: Taher Abdullah Taher, Bahar Ozen, Suzan Ilir, Billey Dimirtas, Hasan Demirci, Naseradeen Mohammed Kaheleel, Nazmî Kırık, Birol Unel
Festival & Awards (Selection): Opening Film 23. Tromso International Film Festival 2013, Dragon Award Göteborg International Film Festival 2013, Best Cinematography in a Narrative Feature Film at the Tribeca Film Festival 2013, Amanda Award Best Supporting Actress (Suzan Ilir) 2013


A convoy of cars is approaching the house of 16-year-old Siyar, his Mother and his two sisters. The first car, a modern SUV, holds the Village principal and his son, who has come to ask Siyar’s big sister, Nermin, to marry him. Nermin is 18-years-old, and do not want this marriage. Later, she runs away. As the oldest man in the family, it is up to Siyar to regain the family honor. He goes after his sister, using hazardous refugee paths through Europe, to bring her back to the village.