Feature Film; 72 min, Iran / Germany
Director: Rahim Zabihi
Production: m1itosfilm in Coproduction with R Z Film
Cast: Shaboo Soleymani, Ali Zabihi
Festivals & Awards (Selection): 61st International Film Festival Locarno 2008, in Competition for the Filmmakers of the present


After the Downfall of the iraq government, Kurdish victims of the Iraq-Iran war of the 1980s decide to take legal action against the politicians who caused so much pain to them. One of them, a handicapped young man, travels throughout the border region to let other victims sign a petition which he personally wants to bring to Bagdad. During his travels he meets an Iranian woman who is a war victim as well. Both of them try to pass the border to Iraq, but it’s a hard winter, and the rain and the snow prevent them reaching their goals. They just reach the land of Legends.